Sunday, May 15, 2016

Three reasons why the book is better than the movie

   Three reasons why the Giver book is better than the movie is because in the movie they made parts up, and put in wrong information only to make the movie better, but having read the book and then watch the movie I didn't quite like the movie as much as the book. My three reason are, instead of Asher being a recreation director he was a drone driver. My second reason why the book is better than the movie is because, in the movie Asher was punched by Jonas when Jonas was leaving to get Gabe but that never happened, they never even crossed paths in the book. Another reason is in the book they made a extensive plan where as in the movie he just left without a plan.

  In the movie in Asher's ceremony he was presented with the title of recreation director but in the movie he was presented with the title of drone pilot. I wasn't aware that drone driver was a title but it was in the movie. That played a pivotal part in the movie because Asher was supposed to kill or released Jonas, when Jonas was running away. Asher also lied to the chief elder that he had killed Jonas. this was a pivotal part in the movie but in the book none of this happened so it didn't make much sense. This wasn't better than the movie because the movie was really confusing and they added this part in to just make it more interesting for the viewers. Also in the book Jonas didn't really talk to Asher much after he started working with the giver so that also played a part in how it got so confusing. once again this movie wasn't better than the book because they gave Asher a part that only made it more appealing for the viewers rather than if you had read he book and then watched the movie it wasn't the same as the movie.

  My second reason why the book I better than the movie is because on the night Jonas went to leave the community and to get Gabe he met Asher, and Asher said that Jonas must go back inside his dwelling with his family unit but Jonas was insisting that he wasn't going to and Asher was going to make him but instead Jonas punched him and that escalated into a brawl until Jonas said no and left to get Gabe leaving Asher on the ground in shock. This was also for the viewers amusement I mean I would never have thought he would do this but he did . This didn't make it any better on how already confusing it was but somehow this was just the start of everything new that was never in the book all of this was made up for entertainment purposes this was never how it was in the book in fact Jonas  and Asher never even crossed path that much after the graduation ceremony because as one of Jonas's rules he wasn't allowed to  have any recreation time after training he was to immediately go back to his dwelling. Because we were not in Jonas's shoes in the book it seems that while we were reading we were so to say hovering over Jonas and watching him go through it  step by step, plan by plan, that's why I think the book was better than the movie in this place.

  My last and final reason is that in the move he left with no plan he grabbed Gabriel and went to the givers house and told him he was leaving and left,and the giver told him I love you. In the book after Jonas watched his father kill that twin baby he knew he had to leave so he and the giver made a simple plan but was one that took a lot to complete and left the next day. The book was so much better in this case because we new the plan rather than Jonas just rushing off on that one day and making it very confusing.

This was why I thought the book was better than the movie with these three reasons that I hopefully proved to you to day with.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Just A Memory

Today I read a short chapter about people who can memorize and keep a memory forever although that sounds cool its not I person in the article couldn't hold a conversation because of all the memories.

Why do some loose it before others.

I would be taking this as a precaution somethings obviously gone wrong here what if this becomes the new normal and everyone gets this that would mean everyone would be scared for life.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We Trap Ourselves Inside

Today I read pedestrian and the forecast in these short chapters it shows how people trap themselves inside and just watch TV all day, and never consume themselves with what's going on in the TV.

If one is placed in 2052 wouldn't the other be held in the same time zone they both sound exactly alike?
Why does only one man walk?

I'm sure that other people must have the same idea to do it he probably isn't the only one.
So their TV is their source of information instead of the local newspaper or local book.      

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It Was Just An Echo

These chapters are about Jonas struggling to get to safety but realizes he has made  it to elsewhere  but the book leaves us on a hanger saying maybe it was just an echo. Also I read the speech of the author and she said that their is no ending its what your beliefs are.

How do we know that they have made it after all she did say it is up to use o figure out the end?
Why didn't she give an ending she said she never wanted to write fairy tales so why didn't she just leave us with a sad ending?

Jonas should have taken more clothes and blankets with him
We should of been allowed to write letters.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I Can No Longer Save Gabriel

These chapters are about Jonas finally leaving and taking Gabriel with him, also its when Jonas finally gets to see hills and rain but realizes its not so easy living out of his community.

If Jonas left with Gabriel does that mean Gabriel can never go back to the community he's and infant but so that means he was taken against his will?

Jonas should of left the baby because its going to happen to the other children other bays are going to get released.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The future watch

I read Dystopian futures

The author said We might not even be here in a physical, biological, sense anyway.  We could be part of a complex computer simulation.  Or we might be biological beings living in a virtual reality world.  These scenarios actually might not be that bad, but you can make an argument that they're dystopias.

I think that knowing we could all be duplicated and messed up scars me because we will have no human emotions an so we all will be the same and nothing will set us apart we will basically live in a world of clones.

utopia and dystopia

I read Utopia and Dystopia Information

The author said that concepts of dystopia and utopia is that people either live life perfectly or live in a horrible place with no rules and crime.

I think that neither of these lives sound fun because if we live a utopian future than it gets boring and if we live a dystopian future  its total chaos.